Broken If statement? Help Needed

I am using a formula column on one of my boards to calculate a percentage using two fields: Grade and Points. There are some rows that don’t have points, and I just want to set the result to an empty value. I’m using this formula: IF({Points}=0,“”,ROUND(({Grade}/{Points})*100,1)). It gives me an error, see the screen shot below.

  • If I change the empty value to 0 I get the same result: IF({Points}=0,0,ROUND(({Grade}/{Points})*100,1))
  • If I use the first part of the statement and omit the calculation, it works: IF({Points}=0,“”,100)
  • If I omit the IF statement, I will get an error for the 0 values (which is the way it should work), but if points is greater than 0, it works: ROUND(({Grade}/{Points})*100,1)

What am I doing wrong? I am making myself nuts trying to figure this out!

Technical details: I am using web version of on the latest version of Google Chrome on a Windows 11 laptop.