Bug Tracking for Monday Support

I’d like to see if there is a possibility to have a centralized ticket reporting instance for all of the bugs/issues /requests reported by users in my organization to Monday.com

I have more than 150 users and currently the only way to take a look at the tickets created by my end user community is to request an excel file to my Customer Rep that is obsolete by the time it arrives on my inbox in summary I
d like to see

  • Central Dashboard for admins with the basic information of tickets created in my organization
    *Basic information to include a ticket number, description, start date, status and user.
    *If Support notes are viewable here that would be great
  • At a bare minimum a ticket number and description would help immensely since every time I get a customer satisfaction request I do not know for which ticket it applies.

I’d like to hear from members of the community how they handle these support requests (if they do at all)

The help technicians are very good and this tool would enhance my ability to keep track of long running tickets and common issues across several users