Build a custom booking engine using and 'XXYY' software

Hello Monday community,

We are an education company in New Zealand, that uses (very happily!) primarily for the following 2 reasons:

  • Our CRM
  • To visually show the timetables of our lessons to our tutors, so they can see the students in their classes.

Currently we use a very manual process of enrolling students. This is becoming unwieldy as we grow.

I’m looking for an expert to help us through the process of building a booking engine, using an API between and some as-yet-undiscovered booking software that would fit our business’ use case.

The project would involve:

  • Researching the most appropriate booking software for our use case.
  • Understanding how we build our lesson timetables in
  • Understanding how we use as our CRM
  • Developing the API to connect the booking software and
  • Embedding the front-end tool into our website.
  • Other steps that I likely can’t account for given my naivety in these areas.

Really keen to hear from anyone out there who feels they can take this project on with us!


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Hey @MarkHHH!

I am really happy that you reached out to the community.
We at Omnitas Consulting are a Swedish digital management consultancy firm and official Preferred Partner for With the aid of, Omnitas help companies of all sizes and in all types of markets to map, digitalise, and optimise their workflows and processes.
in plain text: We are a 4 man team whom have worked full time for the past 3 years with implementing and designing processes and integrations around the plattform. I would dare to say that there are very few usecases we can not solve with as the base.

We have worked with a Swedish education company before with great results. works great as a educational planning tool and I am happy to learn that you are using as a CRM, that is one of our strengths.

That being said I would like to start the cooperation of with a initial scoping session.

We are around 10 hours behind New Zeland. I do not see this as a problem. We can work around that as long as we have our meetings early your time (first thing in the morning). Please send me an invite to with a video meeting sometimes this or next week for 8 or 9 in the morning your time.

The call will be around 30-60 minutes (free) and we will talk about your needs and what you want to achieve in greater detail. This will give me an idea if we can help you or not and provide me with the correct information for a proper quote.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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@MarkHHH I’m a Channel Partners Manager at and I work closely with Omnitas. Their knowledge of the monday platform and professionalism is unique. I highly recommend them for this project.

Best of luck!

@MarkHHH We are the UK Partner for and have worked closely on numerous projects with @Thomas-Omnitas and his team at Omnitas. You would be in probably the best hands worldwide if you selected to go with them. Hope your project goes smoothly. Thanks Joe @ Enable


We would be interested in hearing more about your expertise.

We are a similarly sized company that sees as a pathway to our future for many customers.


@Thomas-Omnitas Thomas, thanks so much for your detailed reply. Also thanks to you for your generous offer of a first-up video call to show you what we’re doing and how we’d like to use Monday in more advanced ways. I’ll send you an email now.

Thanks also to @Joe_Bushnell and @Roib22198 for your kind recommendations of Omintas’s services, they mean a lot and make me really enthused about the possibilities ahead :slight_smile:

Sounds good. Looking forward to chatting with you tomorrow!

I would love to talk about your use case(s) and how we can help.
send me an email with some timings (