Business logic - How to capture?

How/What is the best way to capture proprietary business logic and concealed from prying eyes in

Hi @vyhua - What kind of business logic? Automations? Sales activity? More details will help us point you in the right direction.

As a side note, you’ll get the most control over what people can see and access if you have an Enterprise account.

Hey @vyhua! Agree with what @PolishedGeek said :slight_smile:

Another way to go to keep information private is Private Boards (available on the Pro plan and up).

Feel free to elaborate more on the kinds of information you’re looking to store and I’d be happy to offer suggestions!

Hi and @PolishedGeek,

Business logic such as pricing or predictive algorithms. I would like to put it in a black box and make that black box available to teams (metaphorically)?

Hi @vyhua - Perhaps using General Caster would be suitable in this case? You can put all of the calculations in the app and just have the results pushed back into your boards. Apps Marketplace General Caster app

Hi @PolishedGeek,

Thank you. Much appreciated. I will try that.

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