for creating a collaborative Business Case

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I’m Pedro, I am a certified partner and project manager who supports companies implementing and providing consultation and training.

If you need to create a Business Case working with several members of your team, each one located in a different facility, you can consider using to manage all the process without leaving the platform. You can collect the incomes and expenses and then you will be able to exchange the relevant information and communications about each of the concepts directly in With this approach you will save time sharing spreadsheets and communication by email about them.

The first part of the Business Case starts creating a board to incorporate the expected expenses and incomes. You can create a dedicated group for each of them.

This is an example of an ongoing business case for a website development, you can adapt it to your industry and specific needs.

You will notice that the way the information is displayed is different than in a standard spreadsheet, but the result will be the same thanks the filtering options in the charts.

I also use some columns to provide more information about each concept:

  • Type: Expense/Income. It’s used to filter the information in the dashboard.
  • Recurrence: It considers whether it’s a monthly or one-off concept.
  • Area: It will be used to show the cost by area.
  • Skills/Department: It will be used later to assign the new activities to the teams when the project starts.

The first column is the only one that will manage the expenses in this example. They are based in monthly and one-off concepts.

The rest of the columns are dedicated to collect the income concepts. For this business case, the incomes are based different quantities of monthly and one-off sales. Three scenarios are created based in different quantities of product sold.

To manage how the information will be displayed in the dashboard, for the different charts, you can incorporate these calculations and add any other one related to your industry or business case.

The first one is used to work out the income depending on the quantity of product sold for each scenario.

This one is used to work out the annual profit.

The dashboard incorporates a couple of text widgets to highlight the summary of the business case and the main risks identified.

Finally, the three scenarios are compared so it will be easy to debrief about the different possibilities and summarize the conclusions directly without leaving

I hope it may serve as inspiration for creating a collaborative business case with You can contact me if you need additional details about how to implement this process.


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