How uses

Hi everyone,

this is my way to organize our team:

  1. Tree (folders and cards): basically we have a unique department split into two units. I opted for two folders per unit and a folder fro cross projects in which both the units are working:


  • Business Case: in this way I would like to collect all the business cases in which we want to calculate per year what are the benefits between savings costs and earnings:

  • APAC: in this space we want to calculate how many hours we are working (split by tasks) to a specific project

  • Projects and Tasks: in this cards (example below) we want to follow up, as kanban, all the projects and tasks.

  • Market Analysis: it’s similar to Projects and Tasks in his organization, but we use this card to track the analysis in the dashboard - widget calendar, in order to find in the past analysis which explain a particular negative trend (in the past we use our historical memory, it was crazy!!)

  • Incidents: in this cards we track all the incidents we have to see them in the calendar widget to explain bad trends

I hope sharing our ideas could be helpful for other users

Thanks so much for sharing! It’s always so interesting to see different use cases. Do you use Dashboards at all to see information from across boards? Would love to learn more if you do!

Ehy Emily,

for sure, I’m using the dashboard to monitor all the activities inside the cards:

  • progress of status by “battery”
  • monitoring of reporter requests in order to understand how many and who is asking tasks by istogram
  • share of topics thanks to tags by cake
  • daily project situation in order to understand how many projects we are working on
  • lama graphic to understand how many tasks are urgent (red) and the progress of them