Use Case - Is anyone using this with their families for planning, as dream boards, etc. | Please share!

Not only is there not a category for this use case, but there also isn’t tags that help get this in front of the right people. Soooo, I went with workflow use cases . . . arguably this should be tagged in the student forum as a way we used this for one of kids to assist with school but that’s not the only way we have done . . .

I am an avid user of Monday and my professional work and team are thriving with its use. As a former P-12 educator, I recognized early how this tool could be used with students and I love to see those use cases. I fully expect that forum to grow sooner vs. later. What I am interested in hearing from others is - is anyone using this with your own families?

We have 5 kids that range from 14-24. The middle child had a developmental delay in her frontal lobe that resulted in deficits in her short-term memory and her executive functioning capabilities (i.e. general organization, sorting & prioritizing tasks, focusing on the tasks at hand). These things led to the development of pretty severe anxiety by high school age - worrying about forgetting something, keeping track of documents, and just generally being overwhelmed by the sheer amount of “stuff” you need do. She knew she needed help and so as an educator who is also a PMP, this is one of the potential things to try I suggested. She liked the thought of this and that it interacted with her Google Suite from school, etc. She had such success (though the onboarding was a bit rough haha) that she became a customer success managers dream. My family’s internal champion. Within weeks, my husband who had visibility access to my middle’s board wanted one for just me and him. He’s a nearly retired school superintendent and we talk constantly about the impact this had on our daughter as a student!

Within months, 3 of the 4 other kids asked for their own boards for various reasons. I cannot express the impact this tool has had in terms of communication, collaboration, etc. with our kids. It lead to actual “family planning” sessions (we already did not “family meetings” to vote on this, etc.) but this was next level stuff. None of this was purposeful, but of the 5 kids - 2 regularly use it; 3 of them use it as needed; they ALL use it to add items to my next grocery list bc they can do it from their phones from the app - or by completing a one question form; my husband and I depend on it for managing all of our “home stuff,” etc.

Has anyone else used it for things like this? I would love to collaborate and hear how you’ve used it, etc.

DISCLAIMER It’s important to note that at that time, I was using Monday as a small business owner and used it for collaboration with IC clients and gig workers that supported me. Since I was the owner, I branched out to use this with my family. I am NOT SUGGESTING that you onboard your family as members to your work plans!
Additionally, I never added my husband and 5 kids as members. They were guests on boards . . . well, until the youngest turned 13. Watch out for her, she is project manager in the making :crazy_face:


This use case somewhat relates to another thread I posted, but isn’t exactly the same thing. I wanted to link them though in case you found one and maybe had better examples of one over the other!

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