New Use Case - Personal/Professional Development to drive sustainable organizational (or personal) change

While it is clear that the majority of community forum topics are specific to productivity, project management, etc. and my team uses it in those ways and we are throughout the community with feature requests, etc. The more we have used it though, the “braver” we’ve become in terms of attempting completely new use cases for the product. In this case, we have thoroughly researched the community and the community forums of the tools we’ve tried integrations with for this purpose, and we can’t find anything - but we know that we cannot be alone!

Context: I am in the HHS industry and my background is in P-12 education/L&D type work. We started down this path due to emphasis on coaching vs. managing that social work brings + my L&D team’s understanding of learning new habits & the importance of high impact learning strategies that bring organizational change.

We know we are not the only ones using Monday for this purpose or in similar ways and I would love to hear about how your team or you are doing this sort of work. I would LOVE to see templates created with this use case (or similar efforts) in mind!

This use case somewhat relates to another thread I posted, but isn’t exactly the same thing. I wanted to link them though in case you found one and maybe had better examples of one over the other!

Hey! Let us know if you still want any guidance here and we’d be happy to jump in! Send us an email at to discuss further. :blush: