Workforce planning

Hi, does anyone use monday for workforce planning? I’m experimenting with the basics and whether it will work in our business (mining industry). Any ideas or tips would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

Hi @TMacc - Can you provide more details about your use case and how you manage this process today? There are many people using to plan workload and manage their teams, but I haven’t run across anyone in your specific industry yet. Nevertheless, I’m sure with a bit more info about your use case, I or someone here in the community will have something useful to share. :slight_smile:

Hi @PolishedGeek. We are aiming to be less reactive with recruitment which can be difficult with multiple projects and very short timelines for delivery. I’m putting together a fairly simple board using information such as number of people we need in a role, number of people hired for the role last year, turnover rate, percentage expected change in project needs. Then making predictions about numbers to hire, as well as wanting to record what we actually do to see how successful the predictions are (hopefully reasonable :laughing:).

Thought I would throw this is out the community and see what, if any, ideas came back. No point reinventing the wheel etc. Will be happy to share the board once I have it up and running.