Tips on using to plan and manage a team Fitness Challenge?


I want to use to plan and manage our team’s fitness challenge. Anybody do anything similar?

Important features:

  • use time tracker and a column to track miles
  • an amount column that tallies in the end of a group of items to track water intake, pounds loss, etc.
  • having a board conversation to encourage each other

Any suggestions greatly appreciated!

Hi @eve.espinueva !
I use monday to manage my personal training clients and their fitness goals. As there would probably be significant overlap in these two use cases, here are some features and functionality I find helpful in addition to what you listed out:

  • board automations - I leverage a bunch of notification automations to remind people to log and to share big wins with everyone
  • status columns - to represent different milestones you’d like them to hit (for example - did you exercise today? yes or no)
  • board views - leverage different types of charts to see who is leading in each of these categories
  • dashboard widgets - to consolidate everyone’s progress, display it in 1 place, and keep everyone motivated. I like to leverage the following widgets: charts, numbers, llama farm, countdown, goals, and quote of the day.

If you need more information on these features, check out our knowledge base:

I hope this helps! :muscle: