Marketing professionals - we need your help!

Hi guys,

We’re currently on the hunt for anyone who works in a marketing team and has set up successful template boards for the following use cases:

  1. Competitive analysis

  2. Marketing Strategy

  3. Customer on-boarding (Agency)

  4. Buyer Persona

  5. Marketing Calendar

If you think you have something you’d be happy to share with us, please reach me in private or feel free to post some information here (including a screenshot of the board/s) and we’ll take it from there!

Thanks so much guys! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I’m curious if anyone is successful using MDC for marketing / creative in general.

Hi, @AZQA - Yes, we have many clients using monday for marketing operations and creative management. We’ve seen everything from podcast production services to full digital marketing agencies use monday. Because monday is so flexible, the platform can be adapted to fit your unique workflow and requirements, rather than forcing your team to change their processes to fit a tool or template.

For example, I’ve seen at least four ways of managing podcast production services. Each of them is quite different from the other, yet each works extremely well for the respective client and their team.

If you are looking for marketing solutions, it’s helpful to provide some detail about what kind of marketing you want to manage in monday. PPC vs. graphic design vs. email marketing automation, etc. Also, we can provide a personalized demo of a full marketing operations solution for monday that is quite popular with marketing teams as a way to get started.

Sure - what is the cost?

Whoever is your Partner rep assigned to your account, they should be able to provide a free demo of the marketing solution. What it would cost to implement will vary based on what types of changes you need to tailor it to your organization’s needs.

If you do not have a Partner to work with, you can always reach out to us here and book a time to chat: Book a call with Polished Geek: Do more with monday․com