Examples of boards for sales and marketing teams

Looking for some idea’s for boards usefull for sales and marketing teams, any idea’s?

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Can you elaborate on a Marketing process you want to manage in monday.com?
I might have a few templates to share.


I manage retail program roll-outs and various projects for a sales and marketing agency and am looking for a few idea’s on what other people are using to manage theirs.

We have both internal team members as well as customers and clients as members of various boards

One of my team’s most favorite boards is the one we use to track all the digital and print advertising we do during a whole year for 3 different vertical markets. We track where the ad is going, who is responsible for it, what state is the artwork in, when is the artwork due, when will the ad actually run, and what results were were able to measure as a result of a digital ad.

We also use a bot to send an alert if the Submission Date = Today but the status is not yet Submitted. Laying out an entire year of advertising requirements also helped us learn that we produce a lot of ads that are the same size. So we were able to create templates to work with which saved us a lot of time.


This is super cool @TIMS-Crystal!
In terms of adding the artwork required, how to do interact with your creative team? Have you ever considered using the monday.com forms to put in new requests?

Our “creative” team is external to the company. So we don’t use monday.com to communicate with him, only email. But when the final artwork is done, we do store a thumbnail in the pulse related to the ad so we can always go back and answer the question" what ad did we run last month or last year…and how did it do?"

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This is a great example board, thanks for the insight!

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Ah ok interesting - have you ever thought about working with shareable boards and inviting them as guests so you don’t have to use email :slight_smile: