Users should only see the workspaces, dashboards and boards that they are subscribed to

This is a serious issue with sensitive company information or private data. This is a critical need if we are to use to its fullest potential. The use case in today’s webinar was using a workspace for the Marketing team. What is the point of that if I can’t limit access to just the marketing department. Currently “everyone” is in that workspace and it creates extra work to make sure that every board is private or locked. :woman_shrugging:

Hey @Jody just change the board type to private and add the people or teams you want. This will work exactly as you wrote.

As standard Monday had 3 remission levels
Main - anyone can see if your a company user
Private - you can invite company users otherwise they cannot see it.
Shared - like main but can invite customers (clients).

I almost only use private and shared.

Hope that helps.