Answers: Can I make a workspace private?

In short, on the Enterprise plan, you can make a workspace private, or “closed” as we refer to it here at! On the other plan types, it currently is not possible to make a workspace private.

If you are on the Enterprise plan, you can make a closed workspace upon creation of that workspace by selecting “Closed” as so:

Alternatively, if you’ve already created an open workspace which you’d like to change to be closed, you can change it directly from the main page of that workspace. From the workspace main page, click on the three-dot menu at the top right and press on “Change workspace type” and then “Closed workspace” as so:

With closed workspaces:

  • Any team members can join by invite or request to join.
  • Once joining, they have access to all Main boards within that workspace, and any Private/Shareable boards they’ve been invited to.
  • Any team member subscribed to a board from a closed workspace will have access to that board but will not be able to see anything else within the workspace.
  • Main boards in Closed workspaces are accessible only to team members who have joined the workspace (and board subscribers as mentioned above).
  • These workspaces will be marked with a lock symbol, indicating a Closed workspace.

To read all about workspaces, check out this article!

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