Button only in specific Group or specific Row?

When I add a Button to a board for the purpose of initiating an integration… is it possible for the button to appear only in one Group on the board or only on one Row of the board or otherwise to appear only once and not be repeated for every item?

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Hi @rkaplan - all columns are applied to all groups and rows (including buttons). If you want to limit what rows can trigger the integration you could use the button column in conjunction with another column (status perhaps) and use that within an automation.


My concern is the space it takes up on a board

Is there no way to put a button on top or in some other way not duplicated so many times and thus needlessly take up screen real estate?

Moreover I might want to have multiple buttons - it would not be realistic to have say half a dozen button columns.

I suppose I could do a view with a Widget and custom app but there is no way to do this on a main board itself?

Hey there! Sorry for the late reply!

If you’re still looking for a good alternative for this button idea, let us know at support@monday.com and we’d be happy to help figure it out together! :smiling_face: