Calculate only if column has value formula help

I can’t seem to get this to work right. I have 3 columns involved: a text column for a sales rep’s name, a ‘billed amount’ and a commission column (column with formula). I want to be able to calculate the commission column by multiplying the billed amount by 2.5% only if the sales rep column has a value. I also want to format it as in the formula below. I found a similar formula, so tried to hack off of that one with no luck.

TEXT(IF({Sales Rep}<>“0”,MULTIPLY({Billed Amount},2.5%),0),”$#.##.00”)


Try this:

IF({Sales Rep}<>"",TEXT(MULTIPLY({Billed Amount},2.5%),"$#.##.00"),0)

Actually, after a second look, I think the only issue was that you want to check {Sales Rep} <> “” instead of <> “0”.

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I was so close, haha. It’s working perfect now, thanks @JCorrell !

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