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Hello All

Can someone please help me out with an issue regarding the Formula Column.

I have 3 Formula Columns currently on my board :

  1. Freight Fee
  2. Freight Extra Costs
  3. Freight Total

Freight Fee
Is a Formula Column multiplying an order cost (text column) by a set freight percentage (numbers column) (e.g. $1000 order cost x 10% freight percentage - which returns $100)

Freight Extra Costs
Is a Formula Column that tells me if the total Freight Fee above is less than a certain amount to add-on an extra charge (e.g. If the total freight fee is less than $500 add-on $100 to the total) .
This is currently being done with an IF statement

Freight Total
Is a Formula Column that I need to add both the above columns together to produce a total freight cost.
(e.g. $100 Freight Fee + $100 Freight Extra Costs = $200 Freight Total)

Now am I right in guessing here that IF statement Formulas cannot be calculated to produce a total figure here?
No matter how I switch them around I cannot get it to add it together to produce a final freight costing.

Is anyone able to help with the above please?



IF functions should not be an issue. My guess is that you are including text in your values. If this is the case, the text will somehow need to be removed in order to add the values.

Can you share the text of the actual formulas you are using?

Hello @JCorrell

3 formula columns below :

Freight Fee

TEXT(ROUNDUP(MULTIPLY({Order Value (EX GST)},{Freight Charge Percentage}),0),"$#,##")

Freight Extra Costs

IF({Order Value (EX GST)}<1000,"$80","$0")

Freight Total

({Freight Fee (EX GST)},{Extra Freight Costs})


The easiest way is to just duplicate the calculation portion of the formulas:

TEXT(ROUNDUP(MULTIPLY({Order Value (EX GST)},{Freight Charge Percentage}),0)+IF({Order Value (EX GST)}<1000,80,0),"$#,###")
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