Adding and subtracting percentages of a Sum of a Formula

Hi Guys,

Currently stuck on a bit of coding and need assistance.

I have got this code running successfully to add a number column to a number of selections from a dropdown column.

{Product Cost}+
IF(FIND(“Wiring,”, {Extras} & “,”), 600, 0) +
IF(FIND(“Winch,”, {Extras} & “,”), 12, 0) +
IF(FIND(“Fitting,”, {Extras} & “,”), 450, 0) +
IF(FIND(“FUPD Certification,”, {Extras} & “,”), 10, 0) +
IF(FIND(“Airbag Certification,”, {Extras} & “,”), 15, 0) +
IF(FIND(“Standard Build,”, {Extras} & “,”), 15, 0)

I now wish to add two more number columns, one that adds a percentage(GST) and one that subtracts a percentage(Discount) to the existing sum of the formula. I then need to output the result to a new numbers column as formulas aren’t compatible with FORMS.



Hi @JustinB1994 - You can reference other formula columns within formula columns. So could you not just have two additional formula columns (using Total Cost as the name of your formula above):

With GST: {Total Cost} * 1.13 (or whatever your GST rate is)
With Discount: ({Total Cost} - ({Total Cost} * {Discount}))

If you ever need to use formulas but need actual numerical columns for automations, etc check out the General Caster App.


Hi @mark.anley,

Thank you, that will do the trick.

Are you sure there isn’t some magical way of outputting the sum into a numbers column without requiring an extra app.



Glad to hear @JustinB1994. At this time there is no way to do this without an outside app or tooling (Integromat/Zapier).


Thanks @mark.anley,

I will take a look into those suggested apps.



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