Formula with percentages

Current formula
MINUS({Lump Sum IAF £},{LS £ IAF Sacrificed*})+MINUS({Reg IAF £},{Reg % IAF Sacrificed})

I need to add the sum of two columns to the sum of another two columns together.
I can’t seem to get the answers that I needed.

(lump sum amount - percentage) + (lump sum amount - percentage)

Any help greatly appreciated to understand where i am going wrong.

To clarify your question as I’m not entirely clear what help you are particularly looking for, do you mean your formula is not returning the expected result? or the formula is not working?

e.g. just on the first point. your formula is

MINUS({Lump Sum IAF},{LS $ IAF Sacrificed*})+ 
MINUS({Reg IAF $},{Reg % IAF Sacrificed})

Are you trying to obtain something like
(Lump sum amount - %of Lump sum amount)

MINUS({Lump Sum IAF},MULTIPLY({Lump Sum IAF},{LS $ IAF Sacrificed*}))

And then have a combined approach of this in .

	MINUS({Lump Sum IAF}
    	,MULTIPLY({Lump Sum IAF},{LS $ IAF Sacrificed*})),
    MINUS({Reg IAF $}
    	,MULTIPLY({Reg IAF $},{Reg % IAF Sacrificed}))

Is this the sort of approach you are trying to get to?