Formula Column calculate and display percentages

I am trying to calculate a percentage using the formula column. I am obviously able to calculate a decimal. Is there a way to display that decimal number as a percentage?

If not, is this something the monday team would be able to implement?

Thank You!

Yes, there is a way and it is very simple.

concatenate((({add_your_equation_here}))*100)," “,”%")

You just have to use use the formula “CONCATENATE” with your equation on the fist part of it {add_your_equation_here}.

If after doing it you hade many decimals, use ROUNDUP function, and the formula will be looking like this:

concatenate(roundup(((1-({{add_your_equation_here}))*100),1)," “,”%")

Note that the “1” there is the number of decimals that the formula will display. Example: 12.5%. If you change it for two, the same formula would display as 12.47%, and so on.

I hope this helps.

Let me know if you need additional help.


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Thank You very much!
That helped me get exactly what I needed.

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