Formular Column Displaying Percentages

Hi all, new user here.
I would like to show the result of my formulas as a percentage. From my initial research in the community i found this formula: → concatenate((({add_your_equation_here}))*100)," “,”%")

But unfortunately it is not working for me.
This is my basic formula: → DIVIDE({Show Up},{Total Reg})

Can anyone help me display the result as a percentage?

Thank you all for your help.

Hi Chris,

I can help! The column itself has a view type, and it looks like you need to also multiply by 100.

Click the overall calculation field at the bottom of the group to open a customization panel, and select the percentage type Unit.

In this example, the formula in the “Deliverables Review” column is “{Deliverables Reviewed before Sent}/{Deliverables Sent}*100” and the column unit is set to %. You can see the expected result is displayed.

Happy monday Monday :grinning: :rocket:

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Fantastic! really appreciate your response - that worked.

One more quick question, how do i limit my percentage output to two decimal places?

Hello @ChrisC !

Great reply by @LaunchMe !

Unfortunately I believe it is not possible to limit yourself to 2 decimals. Monday goes to 3 decimals and then rounds up everything else.

Best ,
Giannis, Implementation Consultant at

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You actually can showcase only 2 decimals by using a formula column.

IF(CONCATENATE(ROUND({Number}, 2)) = CONCATENATE(ROUND({Number}, 0)), CONCATENATE(ROUND({Number}, 0), “.00”), IF(CONCATENATE(ROUND({Number}, 2)) = CONCATENATE(ROUND({Number}, 1)), CONCATENATE(ROUND({Number}, 1), “0”), ROUND({Number}, 2)))

Use this and replace {Number} with your own column and it should work :slight_smile:

Hi Chris, So glad that helped! Giannis K shared the formula solution for decimals on the main board view, but I thought I’d also highlight another place to display that you do have control over decimals: the Numbers widget on a dashboard

–If you should want more customized support, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at :rocket:

I did this! thanks again to this amazing helpful community!

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