Adding percentage symbol to formula

I have two columns of data, calls made and sales booked, I wanted to produce a success rate column next to them.

So far i have the rate and calculation correct, but i would like to add the percentage symbol to the final figure.

ROUND(MULTIPLY(DIVIDE({Booked},{Calls Attempted}),100),2)

How can i rewrite the formula to acheive this?

You can either add


at the end of your formula

or use the summary field: the same way you add a currency sign, you can add a % sign (this applies to the whole column, not just the summary as you can see in this screenshot):

Thanks for the help. That doesn#t seem to have helped yet. I forgot to add that this is a subitem column.

Would this be the correct formula?

ROUND(MULTIPLY(DIVIDE({Booked},{Calls Attempted}),100),2)&“%”

Try enclosing the calc with parentheses before adding the ampersand and the % sign:

(ROUND(MULTIPLY(DIVIDE({Booked},{Calls Attempted}),100),2))&"%"

The other, maybe better, option is:

TEXT(ROUND(MULTIPLY(DIVIDE({Booked},{Calls Attempted}),100),2),"0%")

Thank you so much for you advice. We are a little closer. :wink:
TEXT(ROUND(MULTIPLY(DIVIDE({Booked},{Calls Attempted}),100),2),“0%”)

this produces

and this one
(ROUND(MULTIPLY(DIVIDE({Booked},{Calls Attempted}),100),2))&“%”

correct for the percentage, is there a way to remove the error when no data? Thank you again for everyones help.

Adjust your calc in the first case. Seems you need to remove the Multiply by 100.

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