Calculation from both percentage column and number

Hi Experts,

I am thinking of how to make it easy in making a calculation by percentage or number.

Currently I have in the monday,
*column1 Price **
column2 discount %
column3 Amount ( Price discount%)

Issue is when customer ask specific amount for negotiation, it is hard to find right % to make that amount… let’s say
**price 330$, **
negotiated price 290$
discount %=?

I want to use two options in my monday.
Of course, we can use calculator, Do you any good idea on how to make it in the system to use of both way above.

Regards Kevin

Hey Kevin,

You can use the formula column to achieve this if you’re on the Pro plan or above. Let me know if this formula is what you’re looking for to pull that discount percentage:

Screen Shot 2023-07-18 at 4.35.53 pm


(({Price}-{Negotiated price})/{Price})*100

Let me know what you think!

Hi Bianca… thanks always for a quick and kind reply… Actually I just want to find out combination of two options which are available at the same time.

If I know exact DC %, then I just put % which will make the amoutn [Price* (1-DC%)= Amount]
If I know exact Amount(final), then I just put Amount which will make % [Price-Amount/Price*100], as you wrote.

What can I put those two options in the culmun?
Regards Kevin

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Hi Bianca,
One more question here… Can we add this column with %? ie, 12.121% and 50%?
Rgds Kevin

Ah, thank you for clarifying Kevin - apologies for my misunderstanding!

If I am correct in understanding, you’d need to create 2 seperate formula columns as I am afraid it isn’t possible to have 2 formulas targeting to 2 seperate columns at this:

  1. One that is specific to the amount value for when you know the exact DC %
  2. Another that specific to the DC % when you know the eexact amount value

It’s important to note that natively, it isn’t possible to populate a numbers column through a formula column. You can certainly look into third-party apps via the apps marketplace to achieve this, specifically one called general caster which is able to cast results from the formula column to a specific numbers column…

Let me know if I am understanding correctly :pray:

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Bianca… Thank you for the valuable note always. Let me try the 3rd app you mentioned… Appreciated your help again.

Best Regards Kevin

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For your reference, another my finding recently is simply typing &“%” would be useful in the function column

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