Issue - Formula Column does not recognise percentages

Hi all,

I use to track our cashflow with projects and as we partner with subcontractors, this means that we earn a percentage on specific items. I had created a formula column to calculate profit by using the formula: Rate (Excl. VAT) x Profit % e.g.

£2,000.00 x 50% = £1,000.00

Just now, it has stopped recognising the percentage in the Profit % column and recognises it as a number e.g.

£2,000.00 x 50 = £100,00.00

Has anyone else experienced this? I hadn’t changed any formulas, it’s just randomly happened which has completely screwed up our cash flow projections for the last 5 years.

I can move the decimal in the percentage by two to project the right amount but it causes confusion with subcontractors when 50% is now represented at 0.50%.

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Same Problem, unable to print reports

It’s just reverted back to normal now, hopefully it’s done the same for you!

I’ll write this off as a ‘blip’ that hopefully doesn’t happen again.

Regards, I’ll wait for official confirmation.