Calculating the days between dates from different items

Hi everyone,

I’m a couple weeks into using Monday at my new job, so I’d appreciate any pointers from the community!

In our current workflow, every project has its own Board made from a template. We do hundreds of distinct projects projects a year. Each project board is made from a template, so it has similar tasks (Task A, Task B, Task C, and so on), each with an owner, status, and completion date column.

My boss is trying to make a report to understand the number of days between what he thinks are key dates. So for example, how many days between the completion dates of Task A and Task E.

I’m having trouble getting this number because they exist as separate items in the project board. Since they are on different rows the Formula column doesn’t help, so I’m curious if anyone has a workaround or another way to think about it?


Hi @hughes81 welcome to community!

here is an idea for you that seemed to work based on a quick test.
If you create a ‘Connect Boards’ column on your project boards and connect it to itself; e.g. ‘project 1 board’ connect to ‘project 1 board’ this will basically create a link between items. And then mirror the ‘completion date’ column.

Then set up a formula column that subtracts days between the linked item dates:

DAYS({Date},{Linked Date})

Now just link Task A to Task C and you should get the number of days in between the two… see screenshot for example

Unfortunately you are going to have to do this on all of your existing project boards, but if you update the template then moving forward you should get this data automagically :smiley:

hope that helps

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