"mirror" column cannot be mirrored

Link to the same board to retrieve different rows information, ends up stuck with this error message. is this a bug or the feature is not ready ?

looking at the below method, it seems like this can be done when 2021 , but now this is not allow anymore ?


Yep, I was just trying to get a subitem rollup column to mirror on another board, but it’s blank. Presumably because a rollup is technically a mirror of the subitems?

This change was made last year at some point to not allow connecting to the same items within the same board. I believe this caused circular references in some cases.


Are there any workarounds for this? The current behaviour seems to actually allow for this on initial mirror column creation but trying to edit the column results in errors.

I am trying to generate a timeline from the first and last items in a group so that I can track workload across multiple boards. I don’t want to use sub-items as then they can’t be mirrored and the mirroring the board back to itself worked a treat:

  • video task 1 - jan 1st
  • video task 2 - feb 1st
  • video task 3 - mar1st-dec1st

want to create a line

  • video tasks = jan1st-dec1st - assigned to Bob

this would then allow me to plot multiple video task timelines from multiple boards in one view as well as review who is assigned to each of these