Calendar Mobile Views & Cross Board Integration

Hello! Our team primarily uses Monday to track the many moving parts of client orders, including their fabrication and installation timeline. I am currently trying to make scheduling easier and consistent, leading to three ideas:

  1. View full calendar on mobile. Currently, on mobile calendar boards there are just dots that signify that something is happening on that day, but you can’t see what. I can see why this is useful on phones, but we use a tablet to walk around our assembly shop and having an option to see everything at once would be useful, without having to click into each day. I recommend having an additional mobile option to view the calendar in it’s entirety to see what is happening each day (i.e. in the actual calendar view, have an option to expand so you see what is happening each day of the month, similar to what you see on desktop).
  2. One click date change on mobile. To go along with the first point, being able to change the date of a calendar item with only one click. Currently, you have to click into each item, have that expand, click the date, update, then save. Having a small pop up similar to desktop where you can complete this in one-two clicks would be beneficial.
  3. Automate cross board date changes. Currently, if I change the date of an item in one board, I would have to manually change it in the calendar, or vice versa. Having a way to automate it so that if one updates, the other does as well would be fantastic. You could go a step further and have it such that when a new item is created in a board (i.e. an order goes through), an automatic item is made in the calendar which is linked.

I know for the first two points, I am asking for desktop function for larger mobile devices (i.e. tablets). I tried to just open Monday in chrome desktop view, but anytime I log in, it automatically sends me to the app.