Calendar Sort Order

We would like to be able to change the order that items show in the calendar view of a board. Currently items sometimes show in a different order for different users, and it would be great to be able to force uniformity. Also, it will help prioritize items if we can use the Status column to sort, so that more urgent items show at the top and items of lesser importance or items that are complete are at the bottom of a day’s list. Thanks!

Hi there,
We have the same problem. We have several items to be delivered to different people everyday.
Our calendar view looks actually like this:

First it would be nice to be able to choose the colors, but we can live with that.
Each color represent a certain person and it would be much better if we could sort the pulses so that the pulses are grouped per person.
So if we could have a way to sort the calendar view by color, or by status or by people, it would be much better and much more efficient for our teams.
@monday-team it would be a great addition to the calendar views.