Manually reorder items in calendar view

I use a custom to-do list in Calendar View as my master to-do list of tasks for each day. This includes fixed-time tasks such as meetings, as well as other to-do items that I will do in between. It would be SO helpful if I could reorder those items in the calendar view without assigning a specific time to each one, especially since items can’t be made to appear for longer than 30 minutes, which makes using it that way not very helpful at all. I really just want to organize my to-do list for the day in the rough order I want to do everything in.

Currently, I believe it displays items in the order they are created. So if I add a morning meeting, it will be at the bottom of my list, and I want it to be at the top since it is the first thing I’ll do in the day. In order to accomplish that currently, I’d have to delete all the items and recreate them in the order I want them in, which is a huge waste of time.

I really hope you’ll add this ability as it would greatly improve my workflow and productivity - thank you!