Change the 'View' order on a board

The details below were posted in 2021 by someone. I have copied and pasted to here as he was asking for a new feature. Why is this not an option? Crazy that when we create a new view it just goes to the end and there is no way of sorting them.

Has this happened. ?? I cannot find a way to do this on a board level and not user level.

“Currently boards don’t allow custom views to be rearranged in a custom order. We use views to filter the items in unique ways and want to prioritize certain ones by putting them in the front, and putting less important ones at the end. I can mark a view as a favorite so it moves closer to the front, but even that doesn’t allow me to rearrange ordering without refavoriting them all. Would love it if it had drag and drop capability like with item ordering as well as a way to lock/unlock the arrangement to prevent accidental changes.”

Thank you