Reorder Item Card Tabs

Problem: When adding multiple Item Card tabs next to Updates, Files, and Activity Log, there is no way to change the sort order away from Date Created.
Current solution: None. Suffer.
Proposed solution: Allow Item Card tabs to be dragged, or sorted.

Second this. I’m currently suffering. Another surprising gap in an otherwise excellent product :frowning:

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It looks like this didn’t go anywhere yet. I’m struggling - again - with this lack as I try to configure some new elements in our system.

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I have the same issue and would really like to be able to re-order the tabs within Item cards. Is there any update on this?

Hi Therese and others,

It’s true that you cannot re-arrange ‘item views’ currently and I agree that it would be a great feature to have.
However, one way you can achieve it for your Profile, is to add the ‘item view’ to Favorites. This will put the ‘item view’ next to the ‘default item view’ with the last favorited ‘item view’ being the first, after the default item view.
Therefore you should be adding them to favorites in the opposite order of how want them to appear.

I hope this helps at least a little despite being only a profile level solution :slight_smile:

Hi Morten,

Thank you for the reply. I´m glad to see there´s an alternative solution for this, thank you. I was able to get the tab order that I´d like by adding them as Favorites. I guess though each user will have to do this? It´s not possible to set the default order for all users (since I´m an admin)?

Do you know if a permanent solution to reorder tabs in Item cards is under consideration for upcoming releases?

Kind regards,

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Hi Therese,

You’re welcome. Great to hear that you were able to arrange it in the way you wanted.

Yes, unfortunately it will only change for the user that favorites them. There currently is no way to do it account wide, meaning each user will have to do it themselves.

From what I can tell in the Feature Request’s status, it currently is not under consideration. However, monday are actively monitoring the community Feature Requests.

Re-arranging board views was recently put under consideration, so seeing as item views aren’t too different, one can hope that it will be taken into consideration in the future.

Hi @MortenN,

I see, thank you for the information. Yes let´s hope it will be taken into consideration soon.

Kind regards,