Calendly - Meeting booking reminder

Hi, we’re looking to use calendly to send reminders to people who have not booked a meeting yet. Below is our thinking, but we’re having challenges creating this workflow.

  • Calendly link is sent to contacts who are in a board - all emails are added as updates.
  • Booked meetings are added to a specific board and group.
  • We want to send reminders to contacts who received the link, but have not booked a meeting yet.

Wanted to get some ideas on how this can be accomplished. We use for integrations.

You need to have 2 Boards.

1- A Board(XYZ) where all clients data will stay. Make 1 Status Column and when you send them email from monday change Status to “Invite Link Sent”. And add the date as well.

Workflow would be like that:
Calendely meeting Booked → Change Status on board XYZ to “Meeting Booked” → Create item in Booked meeting as well(which is your 2nd point).

2nd Automation on XYZ Board:
Now you need to define that when you want to check. If Let’s say it is after 1 day you sent them email. You can setup following automation on monday. Everyday 9 AM if Status is Invite Link Sent then send email again.

You can easily make with Make(Integromat) as well.

Let me know if you need help!

RehanAQ | Implementation Consultant at

Thanks! We’re trying to fully automate this, so if a meeting is booked, how would I do a lookup on another board to track the status change? One thought is to add a column to track the meeting link when they book it etc and if that column is empty, then send a follow-up email. Any ideas on how to efficiently do this?

You can track status using make. or create a mirror column to see if status is changed or not.