Calling a non-Monday API from a Monday App


I’m looking at building an app in the framework which uses some data from a Monday board and also uses data external to by calling an API. As a test I have followed the Quickstart guide which allows you to show data from the Monday API as a string in the view setup panel. I have then modified it to call and store data from an external (non-monday) api and display that as a string.

The data is displayed absolutely fine when run at my local host, however in the Monday app view setup preview section the string pulled through from the non-monday API doesn’t appear. This seems odd as these are running at the same time from the same file (one at the local host and one exposed to via ngrok), is there some kind of permission I need to allow for apps in the Monday framework to access data from an external source? puzzled about why this data is not visible

Many thanks

Hey @cnewc - welcome!

We don’t block these directly - in fact we have existing apps that make requests to external APIs or servers to get more data when needed.

If you don’t mind sharing - could you let us know what API you’re trying to call? Could you also share what errors (if any) you are receiving? Sometimes APIs prevent cross-origin requests, meaning they won’t be able to ping their endpoint from a URL.


Hey @cnewc, can you please share your network tab when the app is inside of monday preview, requests to non-monday API probably fail and we can see in network (or console) for which reason.
I can have another guess, it can be failing if your API is exposed via HTTP and not HTTPS, so the browser will not allow to call it because of the “Mixed content” restriction ( is served via HTTPS and all the network requests, which are done inside of it should call also via HTTPS )

But it will be much easier to see the actual failure of the request to understand an issue better

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Yes I think you are right, the API is exposed via http not https and this seems to be causing the problem! In the network tab I’m getting a mixed content error saying that the request to an insecure http source has been blocked. Thanks for your help!



Glad that helped @cnewc ! Let us know if we can help with anything else.


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