Can certain columns be locked until others are completed?

I have the questions that user LaurelOnco360 had in July 2020 and Zachk11 had Jun 2023.
I am hoping a solution has been found but have not been able to find it myself.

We would like to make sure that specific fields are completed before the status is changed Manually. Is there a way to “lock” the Status before specific fields are filled (similar to required questions on a form but on the board itself)?

Thank you.

Hey Caroline,

At this time we have this type of feature currently available on our monday Sales CRM Enterprise product. We do not yet have confirmation if this feature will be released to further products, including Work Management, however do stay tuned for updates in the future :pray:

I see, Thank you!

I look forward to this.

On Sales CRM Enterprise, how would this feature be called or look, please?

No problem! This feature is called Conditional Status Change :slight_smile:

Thank you so much!






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