Status Permissions

Could you prohibit users from using certain statuses within a column. I don’t want my guests to be able to start and stop time tracking automation by hitting the task.

Hi @cbacon

You can protect a column, but not a singels status. Click the down arrow at the right side of the column header and chose Permissions. A locked column will show a little lock at the left side.


Yeah I still want them to be able to use the other statuses.

Unfortunately you can’t prevent specific user to select one status and not another one. What I understand is that your statuses control time tracking, right? If so, what about creating a status for controlling time tracking and another status column for other statuses. Then put column restrictions on the first one. If you are open to other suggestions, please be more specific about your status column and what you are trying to achieve.

I would also like to see specificity for status selection. I have two boards, 1 that the client can view the overall project status and 1 where my employees update the status of individual progressions within the item which then changes the project status. This overall project status and the individual task due dates are mirrored/linked between the two boards. I currently have the project status locked for the client BUT I would like the client to be able to select 3 of the 10 statuses as this would make it easier for my employees to know when we have received items from the client. So, here is a +1 for prohibiting/locking only certain statuses within the status column.

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