Restricting Status Column changes, but can still drag and drop

Hi. First time posting…

Goal: I have a Status Column with Labels of all Groups on a board. Like a workflow. So when a person wants to move an item to another workflow group, they select that label. All good.
Restrict Users: I am using the Restrict Users for that Status Column only allowing certain people on the board to move items to different groups. works well.
Problem: Anyone can simply drag-and-drop an item from one group to another - so I still do not have the security I need. I guess I was hoping that would not be possible if someone without those rights could move an item from one group to another.

Any suggestions? I could be missing some configuration item as well and I been doing for only 4 months.

Thanks in advance.

Hello @Gzee :wave: ,

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Unfortunately there is no such restriction as of yet on monday.

If it serves you well, you could use this board permission setting.

That way, the items would only be able to “move” either via board owner or via automations.

Hope this helps!
Giannis, Implementation Consultant at