Feature Request: Lock an item/row column

It would be hugely beneficial to be able to have an option for a lock that can apply to a item/row on a table.
There’s a lock feature per column available that will lock the column for all users and is only available to board owners.
The lock column could be a button that when pressed locks the fields set in the configuration from receiving any changes, but only for that specific row/item. Configuration settings would allow for any user on the board, any user in a people column on the item, or board owners only to apply the lock and what fields the lock should apply to.
Then once certain data is loaded onto the item we could lock those fields to not change until we are ready to change them.
This is useful in many cases, but most notably in-case of an accidental clicks.

Let me know what you think of the feature idea and how you might use it for your environment.

If there are any, I would be interested in knowing what limitations might prevent this feature from being possible.

Hey @APICaptain! Can I ask if our board permissions would help you achieve this? Specifically our editing permissions?

Essentially, only those assigned to the item will have editing capabilities - therefor for all users who are not assigned, the item will remain locked/un-editable.

Let me know what you think!

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This would also be useful to me as well. As we move items (rows) through groups the last group is the completed group and would like to lock these items from be edited in the future.

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I definitely like the idea of being able to lock an item outside of any permissions set so will happily note this request to review internally :pray: We also encourage you to share this feature request with your peers/colleagues so that we can grow the votes and get this on the priority list at some point :slight_smile:

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Thank you for the suggestion to use board permissions @BiancaT!
I’m thinking of a way to prevent changes of specific records or fields until you’re ready. Users will want to be able to turn it on and off at will and with automations/triggers to prevent accidental changes of temporarily/permanently static data that lives on the same board as live dynamic data.

Thank you for sending the feature request through the internal channels!

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Agree that item locking (in my case the subitems as well) would be very beneficial. Usecase is to allow an item to be editted while in ‘draft’ and then lock it when ‘submitted’. Submission is sending the item to another board. If a change needs to be made, the item is unlocked (back in ‘draft’) and then can be submitted again. When unlocking we would increment the version number. This way we have a clean record of submitted versions of an item. Maintain clear status of ‘submitted’ or ‘draft’ in the feeder board. Prevent accidental modification to a given field while in submitted status.