Lock and Unlock a Row with a PIN

Hello everyone,

I’ve been using Monday.com for managing my airport transfer jobs, and I’ve run into a recurring issue. When I’m entering job details, I often accidentally modify other rows, which can lead to complications, especially when it comes to date and time changes for pickups. Missing a pickup can be a disaster, and I want to prevent that.

I have a suggestion for a new feature that I believe would be incredibly helpful. I’d like to have the ability to lock individual rows after entering job details. This way, I can enter all the trip information, carefully review it, and then lock the entry with a PIN or similar security mechanism to prevent accidental modifications.

Furthermore, it would be great if there’s an option to unlock a row temporarily for, let’s say, 2 minutes. During this time, I can make any necessary changes, and then the system automatically locks the row again. This added functionality would provide a safety net to prevent accidental alterations.

I believe this feature could significantly improve the usability and reliability of Monday.com for users like me who need to ensure the accuracy of critical data. If you support this idea, please let me know, and hopefully, we can gather more support for this feature request.

Thank you for your attention and assistance!

Hi @leonardcraciun :wave:

You could try adding your items via a form. This way, you only have the information from that one job to fill in at a time without having all of the past jobs in that view, so you cannot accidentally edit the other items. You could even look at restructuring your boards so that when you add a new item, it jumps down to an ‘upcoming’ group and then a ‘completed’ group after a date passes. You could even explore adding item restrictions per column.

The possibilities are endless with monday.com. If you need help implementing or restructuring your boards to reduce error, we at upstream tech can assist. Reach out for more info.

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Thank you for your response.
Unfortunately, the possibilities are not endless. The PIN feature is not there.
The way you suggested me to work is only a workaround. It doesn’t allow me to fast work using Ctrl C, Ctrl V from a row to another. Having all the rows locked with a PIN will allow me to copy the information from any row, but able to paste it only on the unlocked row. You can be defensive by considering your system is having endless options, or you can consider the PIN option as being a smart addition to your system. Thank you, Leonard.