How to set permissions to add rows but not delete rows

Hello everyone,

I am a little confused and would appreciate your help to understand, how can I set this permission.
I have just recently started using and I would like to know how can I restrict my employees so they can add but can’t delete any row.

I have just built a leave management and I would like my employees to use that board so they can ask for leaves using

But I want them not to misuse it or they can’t delete anyone else created row.

When I set permissions to "Edit rows assigned to them

In the

my employees aren’t able to request for leaves.

Hi @AtaUrRehman - It may be better to build and use a form for your employees to request time off rather then dealing with permissions within the board. Once you have your board setup you can create a Form View like so:

And then decide which fields you would like to have the employee fill out (Likely Name, Start Date, End Date, Reason, etc…) You can share this form to your employees while not giving access to the board.

Upon submission the data will be added to a board which only you (or whoever you decide) has access to. Within the board you can then setup automations to allow the employee to know if their request was accepted or denied.

I hope this helps and of you need any more assistance with setups please feel free to reach out any time. Additionally, we offer services to assist in building custom solutions for your specific needs. All our info is available on our website (also you can just PM me here)

Hi, @AtaUrRehman - Welcome to the community! The form submission method suggested by Green Llamas above is an excellent one. If that does not fit your needs, you may want to consider whether the more granular permissions of an Enterprise account is right for your business. You can control a lot more of the permissions across the account, plus at the workspace level and board level with Enterprise plans. The new Item Permissions is an extremely popular new feature.

By request on another post, I made a short video demonstrating the new Item Permissions and how it works. Sharing it here: Item Permissions...

If you would like to learn more about the benefits of Enterprise vs. Pro plans, you can schedule a free walkthrough with us here: Book Polished Geek: more with

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