Is there a way to prevent users from deleting items while still allowing them to make other changes

We have an issue where we need to stop users from accidentally deleting items in a board. Restricting them to adding updates only would also stop them from adding and changing values in individual cells, which they need to be able to do.

Is there a way to stop users deleting items but still being able to make these kinds of changes?


Hi @StephRH - sadly there is not a way to manage deletions separately. An option could be to set the board permissions so users can only adjust items assigned to them, this may minimize the issue, but not resolve it. Also, it may not make sense depending on your setup and needs.


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Thanks @mark.anley, spot on!

@StephRH - if it helps you or any future Community Cruisers, we found the below articles in support. You might find something to help you towards the path of least deletion!

How to set up Account Permissions
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Board Permissions
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Team Easy :slight_smile:

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Thanks both. Ah well, back to the drawing board.


I submitted an enhancement request to uncouple the Add/Move/Delete abilities within the board permissions in September of 2021 through our CSM.

We were notified over the summer that permissions for who can delete items at the workspace and account level were released. Unfortunately we needed it to be at the board level. Side now, we are on an enterprise account.