Subitem Permission Hiccup

Hello community! There has been a small hiccup on my Monday board. Every item has three subitems, and every item is assigned to someone. Recently, a few of my teammates have tried updating their subitems, but Monday tells them that they do not have permissions to do so. We do limit permissions (they can only edit the items assigned to them), but there are other teammates that can edit their subitems just fine. Everyone can use the update column bubble, but there is a small group that cannot change the subitem date column or status column. I have tried looking for similarities between the users that cannot edit subitems, but I cannot find any (or I haven’t considered the right one). Has anyone else had this issue?

Hi, @mammamia - This is a pretty specific problem and it’s hard to guess here without viewing your boards what might be causing it. Have you tried reporting the issue to support at to see what they say?

I haven’t yet, I’ll do that next! Thank you @PolishedGeek

We have similar issues, but based around “View permission”. When you set a board so people can only see items they are assigned to, if you have been assigned to a subitem but not the item, then you dont see the item… the Monday permission only seem to look at people on the item, not subitem (if you are in a people column on the item, or board owner, it works fine, just not if you are on the subitm and not the item)…
I tried to see if Monday would recognise people from a “show on parent”, but it doesnt, so currently seeing if there is a way we can use General Caster App to copy the people from the subitems to the item… no luck so far…

Monday Dev team → could you upgrade permissions so it recognises people on subitems too! :slight_smile: