Deadline mode - dynamic restrictions

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I need to modify permission settings for subtasks. Ideally, I would like certain subtasks to have a restriction on moving the due date, and for others (less important), team members could move the due date (so in this case to remove editing restrictions). Is this possible or not?

Hey @VeronikaKunova ,

It is certainly possible! We can do that by configuring the subitem’s Due Date column permissions. Let’s suppose we have a setup like this:

We need to access the column edit permissions like so:

Then you just select all of the people that can modify the Due Date value, like so:

And done! Any users not listed in the column permission settings won’t be able to edit the subtask’s due date.

Let me know if that solves your issue!

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Hi @VeronikaKunova - it sounds like you want to have permissions set on specific subitems for editing. This is possible via standard board permissions where only the person assigned to the task can edit it.

Additionally, if you are on Enterprise licensing you can hid entire rows based on who is assigned.

Hope this helps!

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Hi @worktables , thank you for yor response. I meant it in a way that I would have permissions on specific subitems for editing. But I got my solution.

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Thank you so much @mark.anley! But it still does not work for me.

  1. When I allow items/subitem owners to edit and I have restricted permission on “due date” column - they can not edit it.
  2. When I cancel restricted permission on “due date” column and I keep the board editing permissions on like you showed me, they can edit everything. Even the tasks they are not assigned to.

The point is that in some subtasks, only board owner can edit “due date”, because some due dates must be fixed. But with not as important subtasks, owner of the subtask can modify the due date.

Hi @VeronikaKunova - If you remove the column restriction on due date, and add the level of permissions I mentioned, users should only be able to edit the items and subitems they are assigned to. Owners of the board will have full access.


It works for tasks but not for sub tasks.

Hi @VeronikaKunova - I see now, - a workaround could be to have anyone with a subtask assigned as owner of the main task, then they should be able to edit the subtasks assigned to them - however I am not sure if that would work with your workflow.

It does not work, unfortunately. But thank you very much for your help Mark!

@VeronikaKunova Can you please share your solution so that others can reference this later?

@worktables - I dont think there is one.