Board owner restrictions

Hello Everyone,
I am the admin of an account, and have created boards for different departments, and have assigned “owners” who can upload excel files onto a board, which then populates the data in the different board columns.
Our operational SOP is such that once the “owner” uploads a file, they are not allowed to change the values of any of the columns mannually, but SINCE they are the owners, unfortunately, we have detected instances, wherein values have been changed.
My immediate confusion is that is there any way I can restrict board owners from changing values in any columns after data has been uploaded?
I hope I am making sense here.
Thank you all for the guidance.

Hi @Tabish - there is no way to restrict edit access to a board from owners. Owners have full access to the board at all times.

The way you could make this work is by not having these individuals as owners of the board and utilizing the board permissions to set edit access to a People column. You could then use column permissions to lock down who can upload files or access other columns.

Then set the following automation on the Files column:

This will remove access for anyone to edit that row once a file is uploaded other than for board owners.

Hope this helps,

@mark.anley, very sorry for the late reply, but your suplotion works like a charm.
Thank you so much for the help

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