Can you auto-assign a person who moved an item from specific board?

I’m looking to create an automation where the person who sends an item from one board to another is auto-assigned as the owner, BUT only if it comes from that specific board. Is this possible?

Hey Leo! If the automation is set up to send the item to another board, the automation creator will always be labeled as the one who did the sending/the item creator.

Alternatively, you could set up the following automation recipe in the board you are trying to send items to:

The above recipe would require your team to assign themselves in a People Column before moving the item (via automations or manually). You can change the “and only if” statement to be something else but there is unfortunately no condition for “only if item moved from x board”.

Would love to know more about what process you’re looking to achieve and why so we can suggest a better workaround for you here.