Creating an automation triggered by moving an item to another board

Our workflow currently involves moving an item from board A -> board B -> board C as progress is made on the item.

However, right now the owner of the item is not notified when their item has been moved (the owner is the person who made the request, while the team moving the item from one board to another is the team working on the request). Is there a way to notify the owner using automations?

I realize that some of the existing automations already have the form:
If {trigger} then {move to board}
What I am looking for is an automation of the form:
If {move from / to board} then {action}


Hi @Johann

This is certainly possible.

You can create a custom automation which allows you to notify a user.

This will notify the assigned user when the item is moved to the new board.

If you would like a more complicated automation, you could look at the monday Apps framework to suit your requirements.

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Thank you Mitchell! This suited my use case perfectly.