"When Item is Moved to This Board" automation not working

I have an automation that moves items from Board A>Board B. When this happens for items in a specific status, I need sub items to be created. My current automation is set up as “When an Item is moved to this board and only if status is existing customer, create a subitem”.

I have 5 potential statuses that could come from Board A and I need this automation to take place when two specific statuses comes across. This worked when the trigger was based on a new item being created in Board B but when built as moved, the trigger no longer functions.

Hello Peter.

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If I understand correctly this is your current automation?

This automation needs to be repeated for both of your statuses.

You mentioned your automation working when trigger was based on a new item being created. That is a different automation and should look like this.

I am not sure I am understanding correctly which of these two automations does not trigger, but in any case you should contact the monday support team as both of these should be working just fine.

I hope I could be of some help.

Giannis , Implementation Consultant at thespelas.com

Hey I think I can help.
I had a similar problem that I wanted after and item is move to a specific board to sort it to a specific group base on a drop-down list.
But I found that after an item move to the board nothing happened. Took me a while to find a work around.
What I found that transferring an item to a board doesn’t trigger an “event” in certain functions especially with automation.
So enough babbling.

Create 2 group 1.inbox 2.the group in which you do the specific function you need(sorting, conditioning…)

After that put that any item transferred to your board should be transferred to the inbox group.
After that add an automation “any item moved to this board move to group 2”.
And then the automation should work as you want it to.
Please replay if my expectation weren’t clear.