New Item trigger not working, please help!

I have an automation flow that is pretty straight forward.

When a status changes to “Something” move that item to another board. -works fine
On the new board, I have an integration for the following: When a new item is created, send a text message (through twilio)
I have this already running on another pair of boards (I have boards for each of our offices)
But for some reason, I cannot get it to work on this one board. If I duplicate the item I had moved to the board, it sends the text out. If I manually create a new item, also sends text. But when it is moved from another board, it is not being triggered.

Any ideas?

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Hi @Fabiano

Welcome to the community. From your description it looks like the trigger is not fired because the item is moved (and not created). The new_item trigger only fires on new items (manual in the UI, duplication, form submissions etc).

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