"Item created" triggers not working with "moved" items

How is the “item created” trigger defined? Has it changed recently? An automation that worked before is no longer working internally to monday and not working in integromat using a webhook.

Desired action: When any item shows up on this board set Date Column to Today. We have a status that moves items between boards based on the lifecycle.

Did something change?
Thank you!

  • Alison

hi @alisonPM

Welcome to the community. The item create trigger did not change (as far as I know). It has always been the case that this trigger won’t fire on “item moved to this board” as the item is not created (it was just living somewhere else).

Okay! Well I used a work-around I found in another post.
I have all the dates set to change on the board where there status changes - and then it copies over with the updated date.
Works the way I wanted! Thanks!

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