Items moved from other boards not treated like 'new items' when automating

Problem: Items moved to board are not treated the same as adding new item.

I have tried to set up a Zap on Zapier “When new item created on board, do action” bit experiencing issues.

Manually adding a new item does trigger the Zap but when moving an item to the board, it does not trigger the Zap.

I have spoken with Zapier support who confirm this is an ongoing issue and they have submitted a feature request. I am therefore adding weight to this request.

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hi @willwatson

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This is expected behavior. The trigger name is called “create_item” and not “item_moved_to_board”. When you move an existing item it is not a new item and therefore the trigger won’t fire. Unfortunately there is no trigger for moving items.

In that case, there is a gap and distinct lack of support for some automations. “Item moved to board” should have at least the same automation options as “item created”.

My workflow demands this functionality really… We have content that moves through different departments (using different boards) and external contractors require emails to action work once they are involved (that us their workflow requirement)

I have tested this with the integration of gmail also; “when a new item is created, email person using gmail” however this yeilds the same results as Zapier… Not triggered when item moved to board.