Cannot able make post request to update value on the board

I was trying to make an post API call to update value on the Monday board but it is throwing an error in Node.js

var action = “mutation{change_column_value (board_id:3258333017, item_id:785444200, column_id:"text", value:"board1"){ id }}”;

fetch (“”, {
method: ‘post’,
headers: {
‘Content-Type’: ‘application/json’,
‘Authorization’ : ‘eBaIiwicGVyIjoibd3JpdGUiLCJhY3RpZCI6ODE2NTcyMSwicmduIjoidXNlMSJ9.QpO7qnSica1UmL0KWK’
body: JSON.stringify({
‘query’ : action
.then(res => res.json())
.then(res => console.log(JSON.stringify(res, null, 2)));

When I try to do this it is throwing an error:
“error_message”: “809: unexpected token at ‘board1’”,
“status_code”: 500

can anyone help me with this?


I’m having the same issue…

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